Core Organics - Coconut Flour 1kg Per Packet

Core Organics - Coconut Flour 1kg Per Packet

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- What is Coconut flour, and how is it made?

Coconut flour is essentially dehydrated coconut 'meat' also know as the inner white flesh, that once dried, has been ground into a fine powder/flour. Making coconut flour is fairly simple. Firstly the coconut flesh is grated, and then laid out to dry. Once the coconut flesh has been dried it is ground to a fine powder. Its a pretty simple process, and the end result is delicious coconut flour, which is absolutly fantastic for baking! Its gluten-free, high in fibre and a healthy alternative to conventional flour.

All of our 'Core Organics Branded' bulk and retail packs are manufactured using the same Coconut Flour.


400g & 1kg Retail Packs

Core Organics branded retail packs are currently available in a 400g & 1kg stand-up, zip-lock, pouch. The retail pack is simple and neat which helps us save on packaging costs, allowing you to provide your customers with a high quality product at an affordable price. The stand-up pouches are a great alternative to a hanging rack, our pouches stand up anywhere, from counter tops to refrigerator shelves. The zip-lock allows customers to simply unzip, use, and re-zip, keeping everything fresh for as long as possible. The front panel of our packs are transparent allowing your customers to really see what they are getting. Our Core Organics range is based on a strong but simple design, our signature Orange labeling is unmissable in any situation, and is carried across our entire range, creating a uniform design for stores carrying multiple Core Organics retail products.