Organic Desiccated Coconut 250g Per Packet

Organic Desiccated Coconut 250g Per Packet

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- Our retail packets of desiccated Coconut are hand packed, labeled, and delivered by Aussie workers, for Aussie families.

- Core Organics is 100% Australian Owned & Operated

Product Overview

- What is desiccated coconut, and how is it made?

Fresh coconut 'meat' or the inner white flesh is first separated from the outer shell and husk. Next the coconut meat is grated & laid out to dry. Desiccated Coconut can vary in thickness depending on your supplier, generally you will find a grading of either course, mild or fine. We find retail customers generally prefer to use a fine grade of desiccated Coconut which is ideal for cooking and or baking.

All of our 'Core Organics Branded' bulk and retail packs are manufactured using the same desiccated Coconut.